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A Party of Ten in San Diego

Party of Ten in San Diego is about ten friends who have transferred residences due to school and job considerations. Although they now live far apart from each other, they took the time to fellowship and celebrate.
Bilingual in Tagalog and English.

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Vina Martinez-Tiglao
Adam’s Amazing Counting Book Counting in Tagalog

Part of the Adam the Little Airplane series of books. It is a children’s book designed to introduce young readers to concepts of numbers, basic counting and provide a small introduction to the Tagalog Language of the Philippines.

Craig Thompson
Ang Dyirap na Kumain sa Buwan

The Giraffe That Ate the Moon - Tagalog & English Dual Text

Sometimes it takes a big change for us to realize what is important in life. Join George the giraffe as he learns a lesson about the importance of home and family when he tries to eat the moon, all while learning a new language.

Babl Books is dedicated to bringing bilingual books to children all over the world.

Aralie Rangel and Bab'l Books
Ang Kamatis Ni Peles

Readers will learn the different days of the week while following the life of Peles, a lazy grasshopper planting tomatoes. This is a children's picture book in 2 languages- English and Filipino. Recommended for children ages 8-9

Virgilio S. Almario
Ang Mananayaw

Poetry of Filipino journalist and writer Rosauro Almario. Originally published in 1910. Tula ng Pilipino mamamahayag at manunulat Rosauro Almario. Orihinal nai-publish sa 1910.

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Rosauro Almario
Ang Mestisa

Ang Mestiza is a popular Tagalog novel by Filipino novelist Engacio Valmonte and originally published in 1921.

Ang Mestiza ay isang popular na nobelang Tagalog ng Pilipino nobelista Engacio Valmonte at orihinal na-publish sa 1921.

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Engracio Valmonte
Ang Mga Lihim Ng Pulang Diary (Tagalog Gay Stories)

Ang Mga Lihim ng Pulang Diary is a book compilation of tagalog gay short stories.

Mga kwento para sa mga lalaki, sa mga lalaking umiibig at nagnanasa sa lalaki. Ito ang librong sasalamin sa inyong pagkatao, sa mga lihim na iyong pinakatago-tago. Sa mga katotohanang hindi mo pa matanggap at sa puso mong takot magmahal.

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Taga Imus
Apple Friends

A Book In Two Languages: English And Filipino Tagalog: The Health Benefits Of Apples For Children (Ang Benepisyo Ng Mansanas Para Sa Kalusugan Ng Mga Bata).

"This is a fun way to learn about some varieties of apples. (Ito ay isang masaya na paraan upang malaman ang tungkol sa ilang mga uri ng mansanas.) In this book, children will meet some funny-looking apples from different parts of the world and become aware of their colors, sizes and shapes. (Sa aklat na ito, ang mga bata ay nakakatugon sa ilang mga nakakatawang-tingnang mansanas mula sa iba't ibang bahagi ng mundo at magkamalay sa kanilang mga kulay, laki at hugis.)"

"This book was written so that children will be able to gain knowledge about some types of apples and the health benefits from eating them. (Ang aklat na ito ay isinulat upang ang mga bata ay magagawang makakuha ng kaalaman tungkol sa ilang mga uri ng mansanas at ang mga benepisyo sa kalusugan mula sa pagkain ng mga ito.) These cool cartoon apple characters may encourage picky eaters to eat them too. (Itong cool na cartoon character na mga mansanas ay naghihikayat rin sa mga picky eaters upang kumain ang mga ito.)"

Ann Aguilar-Yosh
Barkada ng Lima

Five short stories originally written in English by American Book Awarded Ninotchka Rosca, translated into Tagalog by Pia Arboleda, head of the Filipino and Philippine Literature Program of the University of Hawaii. The book is in both English and Tagalog.

Ninotchka Rosca

The Bible in Tagalog. This project on the book community "BookRix" shall contribute to spread the message of Jesus Christ in a very original way. God's Word - the Bible - will be made available for reading and downloading as license-free e-books in as many languages and translations as possible.

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