Complete Filipino (Tagalog): Teach Yourself

A complete course in Filipino (Tagalog) which takes you effortlessly from beginner to confident speaker.

Corazon Castle, Laurence McGonnell
Filipino Friends

“Through the eyes of Sam, a Filipino-American boy visiting the Philippines for the very first time, children will learn about Philippine customs and language. Soft, whimsical watercolors labeled with English words and Filipino translations bring to light the differences between Western and Philippine lifestyles. Children of expatriate Filipinos as well as expatriate children living in the Philippines will find Filipino Friends indispensable in bridging the gap between the two cultures.”

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Liana Romulo
Filipino Tapestry: Tagalog Language Through Culture

An official language of the Philippines, Filipino is based on Tagalog, with elements of Spanish, English, and Chinese mixed in. The result is a rich, expressive language spoken in the Philippines and throughout the far-reaching Filipino diaspora.

Filipino Tapestry offers an innovative approach to learning language by emphasizing the critical intersection of language and culture. It provides activities and exercises that immerse beginning and intermediate students of Filipino in a variety of authentic situations to simulate an in-country experience.


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Rhodalyne Gallo-Crail
Making Out in Tagalog

“Learn to speak the colloquial language the Filipinos really use with Making Out in Tagalog. This phrase book is an excellent guide to the modern Tagalog spoken in everyday interactions – giving access to lots of colorful, colloquial expressions not covered in other phrase books.”

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Renato Perdon
Survival Tagalog: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear – Instantly!

This clear, to-the-point phrase book provides you with the most important everyday Tagalog/Filipino words and phrases to get you speaking without fuss or fear.

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Joi Barrios
Tagalog (Pilipino) Made Nice & Easy

“Whether travelling to a foreign country or to your favorite international restaurant, this Nice & Easy guide gives you just enough of the language to get around and be understood. Much of the material in this book was developed for government personnel who are often assigned to a foreign country on a moment’s notice and need a quick introduction to the language.”

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